Structural Engineering

Barkley Consulting Engineers, Inc. offers a wide range of structural engineering services. We can provide these services for an entire project or we can design a portion of the project based on the client’s needs. Structural engineers are typically required by building departments for all commercial projects as well as most residential projects. While commercial projects require a full set of construction documents including foundation plan and details, framing plan layouts, framing details and notes, most residential projects require only a windload analysis and foundation design. We are also very experienced in coastal building design. Coastal design typically includes deep foundation systems supporting a structure of wood, concrete or steel in a high wind environment.

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Civil Engineering

Barkley Consulting Engineers provides civil, site, and environmental design services in support of its primary structural engineering function and its client base. These services include:

  • Site and infrastructure design
  • Stormwater design
  • Environmental permitting
  • Governmental coordination
  • Construction management services

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Specialty Engineering

Specialty Engineers are required on a large number of projects in order to design components of a structural design. In most cases a Specialty Engineer designs a component in another engineer’s design for that engineer to approve as a shop drawing. In other cases we can provide a design for components to be attached to an existing building. This work, which is typically done for the contractor, includes but is not limited to:

  • Design of precast concrete elements such as beams, piles, wall panels, hollowcore slabs and architectural projects.
  • Design of light gage steel trusses and walls.
  • Metal roofing shop drawings.
  • Design of retro-fit roofs.
  • Design of pre-engineered metal building foundations.
  • Retaining wall design.
  • Design of solar panel connection systems.

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Inspection Services

Barkley Consulting Engineers, Inc. can perform a wide array of structural inspection services with four full-time on call inspectors and seven engineers who can be readily available to meet your needs. Our services include threshold inspection, building inspection for new construction, and remedial/repair inspections. Threshold inspections require a licensed special inspector for typically larger buildings that meet certain requirements as set forth in the Florida Statutes (i.e. 4 stories or more, assembly space with 500 person occupancy, etc.). These inspections are typically contracted thru the owner, contractor, or architect and are separate from typical building inspections.

We also perform inspections in lieu of building inspectors in some instances. This may occur when inspectors cannot meet a fast paced construction schedule, when construction varies slightly from the drawings, or as added peace of mind for the owner or contractor. Remedial inspections typically occur on existing homes where structural issues become evident. These inspections include but are not limited to:

  • Storm Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Termite Damage
  • Wood Rot
  • Structural Alteration/Renovation
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Assessments of Older Homes

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Barkley Consulting Engineers, Inc. has a LEED accredited professional available for consulting on green building projects. We can help to walk you through the process of design, construction and certification for new construction or renovation projects. During the design process, we can work with other design professionals to select products and methods of construction in order to economize and increase the efficiency of your green building projects. We will also help in managing construction to ensure that the design is carried through to the final product. In the final phase, we will organize, process and submit all paperwork required for the certification process.

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